GFRC _ Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

What Is GFRC

GFRC  Glass Fiber Concrete  Cement is a composite of cement, glass fibers, aggregates and polymers.Petra Design is in the lead of the design, manufacturing and installation of the glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Petra Design GFRC are light and strong at the same time. So when the light weight is required GFRC is the best.

  • GFRC is a very strong material for architectural elements, this means it will last longer with less caring
  • Can be cast on any shape

GFRC is used in architectural elements such as wall panels, column and column covers, window and door surrounds, cornices, brackets, pilasters, quoins, coping, pier caps, ceiling domes, planters, urns,  labels,  benches and much more.

  • Different color and textures

Petra GFRC provides the look and feel of natural stone, precast, acid wash, paint and just few example of our hinges.

  • Custom design finches and color

Petra Design can custom make any design or match any existing color or finish for any restoration project.