Design your Ceiling


The perfect Ceiling Design varies for each room depending on the space you have, if it is a high or low ceiling. Also it is depending on the surrounding walls and the overall theme of the house. Coffered Ceilings in a large room will help break it up and add a stunning detail instead of just having a big flat ceiling. Coffered Ceilings are just one example of ceiling design. There are plenty of other options to design your ceiling, design it with ceiling beams to add historical appeal to your living or kitchen area. Round ceiling domes or Coffered Ceiling Domes can add depth and style to your loopy or entrance area, cove ceilings are another way to decorate your ceiling. Modern ceiling design does not have to be plain ceiling. With Petra Design architectural decorative elements you can achieve the modern classic look by incorporating one of our ceiling design ideas, and proper lighting techniques. Cove moulding, ceiling center pieces, crown mouldings/molding and ceiling domes all provide amazing ceiling design ideas for your dream home.

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