Architectural Correct Columns or Custom Decorative Columns

Architectural columns,Decorative- column,Fiberglass columns,cast-stone-columnsOver the centuries, columns have been known as the most attractive architectural feature. They highlight entrances giving any building the most elegant first impression.Architectural Columns provide a classic and unique addition to any home or project,  Architectural Culomns continued to be the most elegant exterior and interior enhancements . Continue reading

Stone Planters


stone-planters,planters,cast stone plantersA garden, like any space, can be enhanced by using various ornamental and practical pieces. An attractive way to complement a garden’s features is by using a Stone Planter. Stone Planters are simple, elegant additions that can bring a timeless look to any garden space large or small.

  stone planter is a decorative container for growing flowers or ornamental plants used for garden enhancement and decoration. Stone Planters come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs. Stone planters can be used in any space both indoors and outdoors, however they are most commonly found in gardens. Continue reading

How to Choose your Fireplace Mantel

A fireplace mantel is a beautiful addition to any room. They can add style, elegance, and a modern look that enhances the room to reach its full potential.w

hen searching for a fireplace mantel, many homeowners find themselves perplexed, and often overwhelmed by the huge selection of colours, designs, sizes and shapes available. to ensure that your fireplace mantel achieves its desired effect, there are several things you must consider. Continue reading